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Audibel packs the latest research, science, microelectronic technology and cutting-edge design into each and every hearing solution they make — all to deliver the best performance specific to each individual’s needs and lifestyle. And now you can receive a pair of their top-of-the-line hearing aids at a $500 discount!

Hearing aids at
Audible Hearing Centers feature:

• Feedback Cancellation — The first hearing aids that did not whistle when you hug someone or buzz when you touch your hair, and still lead the industry in eliminating feedback.

• Hearing in Noise — Thanks to directional microphones and noise reduction technology, it's now easier than ever to listen comfortably in loud places and focus on who or what you want to hear.

• Wireless Connectivity — Imagine streaming audio from TV, MP3 players, and even your phone directly to your hearing aids so only you hear it without bothering everyone else nearby. With Audibel’s wireless hearing aids and innovative SurfLink accessories, you can do just that.

• Moisture & Wax Protection — Whether you live in a warm climate or enjoy a more active lifestyle, you’ll want hearing aids that are water and wax/oil repellent  – most Audibel hearing aids are!

• Multiple Channels — The more channels you have in your hearing aids, the easier it is to create customized settings for the broad range of sound frequencies that exist.


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